Aaron (coprock) wrote,


Had a very nice night last night.

monstersocks and I went out to dinner at Mojito with eriker, ladyslaughter, nicholay, gidon, sxoidmal and komatoast. Most of them showed up before we did (traffic) so we found them sitting in the bar taking advantage of the happy hour drink specials that had just ended.

We headed to our table (with a pitcher of half-price mojitos) and checked out the menus. They weren't actually that necessary since almost everyone had the rodizio dinner (an all you can eat roasted meat buffet delivered to your table, how can one go wrong with that?). The meal came with little fried cheese bread things (slightly hush puppy-ish), salad, some kind of bananas/plantains (I didn't have any), fried polenta and mashed sweet/normal potatoes. It was all very good. There were quite a few kinds of beef, lamb, poultry wrapped in bacon and roasted pork and pineapple that was a favorite of many of us. Oh, and the salmon was also quite good. They give you a little red/green block to use to tell the servers if you're still looking for more meat, taking a break or done for the night. I'll definitely need to go back again sometime soon. The mojitos were good but not the best I've had. I intended to order one of the fancier ones but never quite got around to it.

The desserts looked quite tempting too (including a ginger/coconut creme brulee and several other things I can't remember right now) but we'd already been discussing heading over to Cold Stone Creamery afterwards. Somehow most of us found the room for a little ice cream in addition to the tasty, tasty roasted meats.

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