Aaron (coprock) wrote,

No Rest For The...

Busy. Lots going on at work, not much time to think.

I've been much more social than usual lately. Had the dinner at Mojito last week and then I went out to jimbexleyspeed's place on Sunday for the One Night Stand gathering. Very fun.

Stopped by the Roseville Toys R Us again this weekend to get a few more clearance games. Picked up Donkey Konga and tried it a little. Pretty fun. I think I actually like it better than Taiko Drum Master. On a slightly different note CompUSA has the xbox GTA: San Andreas for $30.

I managed to get in and out of the Post Office on Monday (Father's Day stuff) without too much trouble. I needed to buy some supplies since I've been overly proactive with respect to getting rid of boxes and other shipping material lately so I couldn't use the automated system. Fortunately the line wasn't too long and everyone in front of me seemed to be reasonable.

Who doesn't need fine art to decorate their apartment?


Steve Jobs '5 Graduation Speech
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