Aaron (coprock) wrote,


Not much longer now.

I was reminded recently while looking at my hard drive at home that I have a ridiculous number of pictures that I've never posted. I need to make time for organizing, labeling and posting them soon. In the spirit of that, here are pictures of my trip to France (13 years ago).

MPR had another pledge drive recently. I keep meaning to give them money but I don't want to encourage the pledge drive stuff. I get it, they think they're the greatest thing there ever was and I should feel terrible if I don't properly tithe to them. That hard pressure stuff doesn't really work on me. Nothing makes me more interested in supporting public radio than listening to commercial radio. Maybe they could just broadcast someone else's signal for a couple days once or twice a year, that would probably bring in a lot of money. Mostly I just choose CD Player over Begging For Dollars.

To heidiz: Happy Canada Day!

Tags: links, pictures, travel

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