Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Weekend Update

Friday: Picked up dinner at India Palace (sorry, their site makes noise) and then had dinner with monstersocks, kalmn and lthomas987.

Saturday: monstersocks and I got up early and spent much of the day cleaning. Wheeeeee, cleaning. Later we did a little shopping including another trip to the increasingly depressing Roseville TRU. (50-70% off everything but there isn't much left.) Later I picked up dinner at Pad Thai Restaurant and we after dinner we watched X2.

Sunday: Standard Sunday. Did a little cleaning and organizing.

Monday: Slept in, then went out and recycled some old computers, bought some boots for the hike up LeConte this year (these are much more waterproof than my normal shoes), realized I'd left my credit card at the computer recyclers so I went back, then came home and had dinner with monstersocks after watching part of Orgazmo.
Tags: cleaning, movies, weekend

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