Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Mission(s) Accomplished

Drove over to Oak Street and stood in line for a little while before picking up tickets for Man With The Screaming Brain. While there I noticed some flyers for the Bruce Campbell book signing at Coffman and learned that they were giving out line numbers starting today. So, I made my way over to Coffman Union, found the bookstore and inquired about the line numbers. It turns out you needed to buy a copy of the book to get a number (fiends) so I bought a book and got a number. While buying the book I realized that I didn't have one of my credit cards, so I went back to the last place I'd used it and discovered that I had in fact left it there. That's twice in one week, not a good sign of my current faculties. I'd feel bad about the extended lunch hour if I'd hadn't been working after midnight last night.

Went to the gym last night. I did a full hour but didn't have much energy any time during the workout. It might be related to not having any caffeine since Saturday.
Tags: bruce, whining

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