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One Small Problem 
21st-Jul-2005 07:13 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
Shortly after my parents left on Sunday our air conditioner made some unpleasant noises and died. We called the office and left a message, hoping that someone would be able to fix it on Monday. Monday came and one of the maintenance guys came out and lubricated the motor. He left us instructions to run it on the High setting and told us that he was ordering a replacement motor in case it eventually broke. Sadly it still didn't work at all. The new motor showed up Tuesday and was installed. The air conditioner now worked, just not very well. On the highest setting there was a little air coming out downstairs and nothing really coming out upstairs. So, more calls to the office. Maintenance came out the next day and confirmed that even though the new motor was the "correct" one it wasn't moving enough air. So, an other motor has been ordered. We're currently waiting for that new motor and I'm sweating more than I would if we had decent air conditioning.

monstersocks and I have also been watching a series on PBS called Guns, Germs and Steel. It's pretty good so far. Apparently there's also a book or something, I wonder if it's any good.
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