Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Elvis Is Dead

monstersocks and I headed out to dinner at the Highland Grill tonight. Before leaving I thought I might give briangee a call to see if he and watterflower would like to join us since it's in their neighborhood. They were in Roseville running some errands but joined us anyway.

(For briangee: My brother's turkey shumai recipe (he makes it without the sweet pea broth).)

I took another walk Thursday night. No car at alisgray's place so I didn't stop by. I extended it over to the lake this time but not around it.

I've been playing with Gallery some lately but I don't have anything worth sharing yet. There's a very early iPhoto plugin for Gallery integration but it still seems somewhat unstable at this point.

PS- Our air conditioning finally works again.
Tags: macalester, restaurants, website

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