Aaron (coprock) wrote,


In honor of Pi Approximation Day monstersocks and I stopped off at Lund's after dinner for dessert. I thought about picking up some pie but monstersocks suggested that since cake are square and πr2 I should get some cake as an approximation (that works better when you say it).

After we got home we met our first non-fire-alarm related neighbor. A woman asked us to help bring her baby into her apartment (the child was asleep and she didn't want to jostle him too much). It was a little weird being in the building next door, everything's pretty much backwards.

Got up, ran a few errands, then went over to kalmn's housewarming party. She moved in a while after we did but she's a bit more efficient when it comes to such things. Spent most of the day at the party, then came home and enjoyed the functional air conditioning at home.

Ran a few errands. Picked up some comics at Dreamhaven and some travel supplies at REI. Got the first issue of the Serenity comic. Watched Sci-Fi's first episode of Firefly. Lots of halves of faces and some weird commercial transitions. Played with Gallery a bit more, still not entirely happy with it.
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