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Concise Weekend Update 
2nd-Aug-2005 12:57 am
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
Friday: Flew down to Tennessee. I was anxious about the flights after last year but they worked out pretty well. Took a taxi to the cabin, that was okay but the cab fees have recently increased by about a third.
Saturday: Got up early and hiked up Mount LeConte. Made a couple of my second cousins and their spouses jealous when they found out that I've already seen Serenity. Took a few pictures.
Sunday: Hiked down Mount LeConte. Saw a very pro-active squirrel at Rainbow Falls. Spent the last hour of the hike in the rain, certain that we were almost at the end of the trail. Saw a bear by the cabin.
Monday: Flew back to Minnesota. Had a quick dinner with monstersocks then went over to jimbexleyspeed's place for the Monday Night Steak and Raw, although I apparently missed some of the best bits.

Currently: Tired and sore.
5th-Aug-2005 09:45 pm (UTC)
I'm sad I missed it. I guess Sunday the 7th is the last of the season?
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