Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Early To Wake, (Not So) Early To Bed

Got up a little bit earlier than usual this morning and brought monstersocks and kalmn to the airport. Got there with no major problems and met up with their father. We got them checked in and got their bags checked with minimal effort. I hung around until they got in the security line. I thought about stopping at the soulless corporate Caribou across from Brewberry's for a little caffeine but didn't. Penguins were good enough.

I made it to the gym tonight and did a full workout. I skipped the gym on Monday because I wasn't really feeling up to it and wanted to spend a little extra time with monstersocks before she went on vacation.

I'm still working on this year's LeConte pictures but I have updated the Group Picture History page with this year's group picture.

I finally made it past that one part of God of War the other day. I eventually gave up and looked at a walkthrough to figure out what I was doing wrong. It appears that in the several months I spent not playing the game I forgot how to defeat one of the enemy types, once I saw how to beat the things with the glowing shields I was able to move on. Played more tonight (and found that there were actually a reasonable number of save points in this latest area).

For those of you playing at home, I checked up on that neopet user who was using one of my pictures as the background for her neopets profile page. It looks like she finally noticed that her page had a new background so she decided to instead borrow a background image from the pictures of Steven Pinker.
Tags: gym, pictures, videogames, website

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