Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Just Another Monday

I ended up staying late at work today. I was right in the middle of a project and couldn't find a good place to stop until it was pretty late. In some ways it's the same sort of thing I find with playing games, I just get into it and can't stop. Anyway, since I stuck around so late at work I decided to just skip the gym (rescheduled for tomorrow) and went over to jimbexleyspeed's place for Raw and Steak with jimbexleyspeed and eriker. I felt a little bad about skipping the gym but I really don't like being there for the prime time TV and decided to choose socializing with friends over it. I didn't really have time to pick up anything to grill (I'd actually forgotten about it until today) so I just picked up some fast food (including some chicken fries).

After the show I picked up some groceries then came home and finished up The Challenge Of Hades involving a lot of hopping and balancing and made my way to the Cliffs Of Madness (or something like that, maybe it was The Cliffs Of Insanity). Once I was done with that I worked on sorting and labeling my LeConte pictures from this year. I think I'm actually close to being done.

I'm sorely tempted to get one of these bracelets.
Tags: gym, videogames

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