Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Weekend Update

Friday: Went to the gym, then came home and had monstersocks' leftover thai food for dinner. A little later I went over to eriker's birthday karaoke at Minnehaha Lanes. Sadly their website proved completely untrustworthy so several people got a little bit lost on the way and there wasn't really much to eat there aside from vending machine candy bars. A pretty good turn out and I think that one guy's rendition of Let's Get Physical will stay with me forever.

Saturday: Got up early, headed down to the MoA to pick up some doughnuts then went down to Shako to hang out with my old friends Zach (up to 5 kids now) and Fred (still at 1), have some burgers and play some videogames. We played a few games that I'd picked up a while back and never played like Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters, Jet Li: Rise To Honor and GameCube WarioWare. We also played some MK2, MK3 and Narc. On the way back I got stuck in a nasty traffic backup around 169 and 13. It took about twenty-thirty minutes to get through. I saw around twelve police cars and four wrecked cars. I made it to the tail end of eriker's birthday party and watched a couple episodes of B*llSh*t with eriker, komatoast and ladyslaughter. The PETA episode was pretty good but my opinion of them didn't really change much. I guess the fact that they euthanize dogs was a little surprising. And the part where they financially support animal rights terrorist groups.

Sunday: Dinner with monstersocks' family (at least the part that isn't in Russia right now).

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