Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Apparently my memory card is too big

Last night monstersocks and I went down to Faribault to see her friend Susie and her newborn. Kind of a long drive. Got a little lost near the hospital so we turned around at the school of the blind instead of the correctional facility, then got lost inside the hospital too. Spent about an hour and a half with Susie and young Duncan. After some discussion we stopped at Taco John's for a quick dinner on the way out of Faribault.

The DS left Tennessee this morning, it should arrive early next week.

I've scanned the pictures for my brother and I'm working on fixing some minor issues before I send them on. I've got quite a few old pictures that I'll be scanning in the next couple months and hopefully getting online eventually.

Speaking of pictures, I posted some recent and not so recent ones recently:

I currently have the gallery index pages setup so that clicking on a thumbnail takes you directly to the picture whose thumbnail you clicked on and clicking on the title of the gallery takes you to the first page of the gallery. I'm considering changing the thumbnail behavior to match the title behavior. Does anyone care?


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