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Lunatics- Poor turnout so far  
2nd-Sep-2005 11:59 pm
Roast Beef- Dobler Style
Wow, empty theater for Lunatics A Love Story. Still ten minutes until showtime, maybe more folks will show.

The DS finally showed up on tuesday. Unfortunately the first experience wasn't that great. The dogs just wouldn't respond to monstersocks' voice but would to mine. Things worked better on thursday and Oboe was born.

I picked up the new Namco PSP compilation last week and finally got a chance to play it tonight. I just couldn't resist portable Rolling Thunder. Now I don't need my import playstation copy anymore. It plays well but there's a weird shadow/trail effect that doesn't seem present in the other games. It's also a little irritating that the PSP version costs twice what the PS2 version does.

Sounds like more folks have arrived, almost time for the movie.
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