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Various stuff that's happened lately that I didn't mention:

  • Made hotel reservations for the trip to CA. Couldn't find Serenity tickets online yet.
  • Tried some mint wine at the renaissance festival. Pretty good, not as overwhelmingly minty as I expected.
  • Last weekend monstersocks and I finally got around to doing some kitchen stuff consolidation last weekend and I removed some more clutter from the living room.
  • New iPod nano- 2GB or 4GB, black or white, ridiculously small, color screen, so much coveting. Sadly I have no rational reason for buying one other than supporting non-white iPods. I saw a 4GB white iPod nano at Best Buy this weekend but it had a cracked display and was glued to a huge post so it was pretty difficult to really get a feel for its size.
  • Some people have already reviewed and destroyed some nanos. Some people took them apart without involving a car- translated from japanese it sounds like poetry, "The nano which was seen from above. It is thin so much."
  • It appears the iPod nano also supports displaying song lyrics. I wonder if some of the new nano features will eventually show up on other iPods or if they're nano-only.
  • Speaking of the iPod nano, I think it's kind of interesting that Apple's got 4GB flash MP3 players while Palm is pushing a 4GB hard drive based PDA.

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