Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Acton Trip

Flew out to Acton a couple weeks back to visit my brother, sister-in-law and niece. My first flight was on time and went okay, although that was the last one of that trip. My flight from Chicago to Boston got delayed by an hour or two. It gave me more time to get from one gate to the other (and have a little lunch) but it did interfere with my plans once I got into Boston. Instead of taking a fancy Silverline bus from the airport to a station and then a subway ride over to the other station before the train ride to Acton I just took a cab and met my brother at the other station and we rode the train together back to Acton.
As I was sitting on the plane in Chicago waiting for us to leave I noticed a man who looked somewhat familiar looking for room for his bag in the overhead compartment. He looked kind of like Barack Obama. As he hoisted his bag up into the overhead bin I noticed a tag on the bag that said "Senator Obama" which made it pretty clear. A guy ahead of me called a friend on his cellphone to tell him that he was on a plane with Barack Obama.
After we landed he had to wait a bit for his bag since he was further up in coach than the bag was. When I got up I grabbed his bag and handed it to him. I thought about trying to say something but didn't really have anything to say and didn't want to hold up the line of people trying to get off the plane. I mostly knew of him from the speech he had given at the Democratic convention that I might still have on my iPod.
Tags: politics

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