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Arrrrrrrrrrr, it's driving me nuts 
3rd-Nov-2005 12:50 pm
Halloween 2005- Chef
Ridiculously busy with work lately. We had an aggressively scheduled release last week that has occupied most of my time for the past couple months. Lots and lots and lots of work.

I skipped the gym on Monday because it was Halloween. When monstersocks came home we decided to have an impromptu movie night and watched Se7en. She made it through about two thirds of the movie before falling asleep.

Went to vaxjo's Halloween party this weekend. Lots of fun. monstersocks was worried that people might not get her costume but she was recognized before we even got inside of the house. I dressed as Chef and brought Chocolate Salty Balls (Vegan Friendly and Non Vegan Friendly). They were all eaten or knocked to the floor by some random drunk lady. I took plenty of pictures at the party but it's going to take a little while before I get them online. I'm having some problems with my main camera that require my editing every picture to remove stupid little dots. Very frustrating.

We were discussing halloween costumes a couple weeks ago and it turns out that Nichole was a movie theater floor the year Mike wore his basketball jersey.

It appears I may have some travel coming up pretty soon now.

PS- Don't forget to vote next week.

3rd-Nov-2005 08:27 pm (UTC)
Someone else mentioned that "Someone dressed as chef brought chocolate salty balls." You were the first person that came to mind. I'm glad it was you. My world view is intact.
3rd-Nov-2005 10:55 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry you couldn't make it. You've always (where always is defined as the last couple years in which I've known you) had really cool costumes.
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