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Sometimes I Don't Love Technology

A little while ago I was working on cataloging and editing some pictures and noticed a problem. There was a persistent red dot across a series of pictures I had taken. It was more visible in some pictures than others but it appeared to be in quite a few. I tried to ignore it for a while, then tried to convince myself that the lens was just dirty or something. I bought a lens cleaning tool and tried it out but the dots remained. Earlier this week I tried a test where I took a couple pictures in the dark and the dots were still there. I'm pretty sure that the sensor in the camera is screwed up. Every picture I take has two red dots and two white dots. They aren't too hard to fix in Photoshop Elements but they're a real nuisance.

So, I'm trying to figure out what to do. Canon's website claimed they'd want at least $200 to fix my 3 year old Canon PowerShot G3. The site didn't actually ask anything aside from the model number and date of purchase so it might be more expensive or that might just be what they charge to replace a broken one with a refurbished model. $200 seems like a lot of money to drop on a potential fix to a three year old camera.

The G3 isn't my only digital camera though. I've got my S230 which is small and very portable, but I think it's started to develop a similar sensor problem. It also lacks all the cool features like remote control, intervalometer, swivel lcd, etc that I've become accustomed to on the G3. I've got my V1 which has some distinctly cool features like the Night Shot mode, Smart Zoom and laser autofocus, but it lacks a lot of the G3/Canon features like a swivel LCD, orientation sensor, non-proprietary memory card format, etc. The battery life is also pretty lousy.

I think I'm going to want to replace the G3 sometime soon. Sadly Canon hasn't released an updated G series model in a while so the current one is lagging behind some other cameras. I've done some initial investigation and I think I might get a G6, Pro 1, S2 IS or S80. All of these cameras have some features the others lack but none of them have everything I'm looking for. The G6 is the closest to my G3 with a better LCD, higher resolution and longer battery life. The Pro 1 is a lot like the G6 with a higher resolution sensor, better zoom lens but no autofocus light. The S2 IS is lower resolution than either but it adds optical image stabilization and a much higher zoom. It switched to SD memory (smaller but I'll have to buy new memory) and steps up to USB 2.0 for faster transfers. It lacks a remote and rechargeable batteries (you have to get your own and it seems like more of a pain to change 4 AA than 1 proprietary). The S80 is 8MP, USB 2.0, smaller (more portable) with a huge lcd but it lacks the swivel lcd.


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