Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Mighty Hunter

Today I was able to assemble a pile of old computer equipment such that I could convert some old files of monstersocks' from floppy disk to CD. It wasn't exactly the most efficient conversion (1 CD with 300KB of data) but it worked. I'm happy I could do it but frustrated that I just proved the utility of never throwing anything away.

I also used my nano for the first time today. Very nice. About the only bad thing I can think of it is that it makes everything else seem very large. That and I need some way to use it while working out. It's tough to find a case that doesn't remove most of the benefits of the nano.

I've been dealing with weird computer upgrade issues at home lately. (I upgraded to a new version of The Missing Sync and finally started synching my Treo with my desktop machine. The new version works great but the dual machine swapping etc. left me with some duplicate data that needed to be cleaned up. Sadly iCal doesn't let you delete all occurrences of an event from a future repetition of the event, you have to go back to the source.) It was somewhat interesting scrolling back through the years and getting a feel for the relative ages of people I know. It was also kind of weird realizing some people I know are younger than relatives I still consider quite young.

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