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Home for the holidays 
25th-Dec-2005 06:58 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
Happy Holidays to all.

We're having a very nice Christmas and Hanukah down in North Carolina. Woke up early, had breakfast and then opened presents (my niece is not yet at an age where she is eager to get to the presents) and went for a nice hike this afternoon. So far Rachel has enjoyed playing with my Nalgene bottle more than my present to her but I think she'll enjoy it more later.

I think I'm actually going to make some resolutions this year, although they're about as unoriginal as they get:
  1. Spend Less- Too much money going out relative to the money coming in. There is one major exception to this resolution- there's a good chance I'll buy a new car this year to replace my soon-to-be ten year old Saturn so I'll technically be spending quite a bit more than usual but can hopefully cut back in other ways.
  2. Eat Less- I haven't been doing a very good job of this recently.
  3. Exercise More- While moving I had an extended period of not working out and I've had a lot of other things come up that have reduced the amount of exercise I've gotten. I need to work harder on making time for it.
  4. See Cannibal! The Musical on stage in Minnesota.

26th-Dec-2005 03:32 am (UTC)
i've never met your family, but i like them.
22nd-Jul-2006 04:33 pm (UTC)
I know this is an awfully old entry, but did you get to see "Cannibal!"?

If not, it's being re-mounted in August and September.
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