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I went to Vegas for work a few weeks back. I was running a little late when I got to the airport. I was running a lot late when I discovered that all of the parking at the main terminal was closed and I had to go to the Humphrey terminal to park, then ride the light rail line back to the main terminal. I walked onto the flight as they were calling "all rows" boarding for the second or third time. (Fortunately I wasn't checking any luggage.) The flight was uneventful. I got to see a little of Vegas while I wasn't working. I lost $20 on a single spin of roulette (an efficient way to gamble) one night. While waiting around for the departing flight (my old boss who travels to and from Vegas frequently had never seen the airport that empty so we had lots of time to kill) I learned there were quarter slots nearby that didn't take quarters. I thought that was stupid and wandered over to give it a try. I found the interface a little confusing. I ended up spending seventy five cents on my first spin. I didn't win anything and couldn't figure out how to use my remaining quarter so I put in another dollar and spun, once again using seventy five cents. I won $90.00 on that spin and cashed out.

monstersocks and I saw Underworld Evolution this weekend. Eh. Kind of fun popcorn movie but not a whole lot happens. In retrospect it had kind of a Back To The Future 2 feel to it, but without the product placement. I think the series would be a lot better without the dopy male lead. The whole Underworld/Van Helsing thing was also a little confusing.

In related news monstersocks and I finally got around to seeing Shaun Of The Dead recently too. (I meant to see it in the theater and failed, then meant to get the DVD and failed, then finally netflixed it.) Pretty good movie, it's too bad I didn't see it on the big screen.

And if that's not enough, on Saturday we watched three episodes of The Staircase, a documentary series on the murder trial of the father of a former classmate of mine. I tried to stay objective even though some of the stuff I know about the family pushed towards one conclusion, but the first three episodes make him look pretty damn guilty. Interesting stuff.

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