Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Universal Truth

If I start thinking about taking pictures of my desk to show just how miserably messy it is, it's time to make cleaning a priority.

(Uh oh, I complained about the gym earlier this week and now I'm complaining about the need to clean. hexagonalcarbon is going to get grumpy grumpier if I don't say something else interesting.)

Taxes are stupidly complicated. Capital Gains taxes are even more stupidly complicated. Fortunately some of the stupid complexity actually worked out in my favor once I figured out what they wanted me to do (although the favorable thing was figuring out that I lost a pile of money on paper when PalmSource was acquired by a foreign company).

This summer is getting busy. I've got my 10 year college reunion coming up and I just got pre-invited to a friend's wedding (I think it's in California but couldn't find confirmation on that).

I got a larger memory card for my PSP recently so I'm thinking about repurposing one of my smaller cards for emulation.

WarioWare: Touched is a lot of fun although I'm not particularly fond of the games where you have to blow on the system. The second screen is also fairly useless for most of the games. Maybe Trauma Center will make better use of all of the DS' wacky features. Sadly the DS Lite looks a lot nicer than the original.

Here's a link: How to make LED Throwies (little magnetic lights you can throw at ferromagnetic surfaces that will stay lit up for a week or so)
Tags: links, videogames

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