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I hadn't really gotten into any podcasts until just recently. (I'm not too crazy about the term and while it's an interesting idea most seem to be kind of a waste.) I recently ran across Coverville, a music podcast containing covers of various songs. The latest episode focuses on videogame covers. (No Psychopop though.)

Coming as absolutely no surprise to monstersocks I finally decided to buy a Prius. I'm currently #63 on the dealer's Prius waiting list. I can wait a while but it's important that I get it before the end of September. (There's a nice tax credit on hybrid vehicles right now but it becomes less nice at the end of the quarter after the quarter when the manufacturer sells their sixty thousandth hybrid. Toyota sold 11,394 hybrids in January so I wouldn't be surprised if they hit 60,000 in the second quarter.)

It appears that not all Canadians are good people.

"The Prius gas-electric hybrid mid-size sedan posted best-ever January sales of 7,654, up 37.5 percent."
"The Highlander Hybrid gas-electric mid-size SUV reported January sales of 2,263 units."
"The RX 400h luxury hybrid SUV reported January sales of 1,477 units."

So, in January Toyota sold 11,394 hybrid vehicles. 48,606 to go before the tax credit starts dropping.
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