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Irish Vendetta 
19th-Mar-2006 12:39 am
Cardboard Tube Samurai
monstersocks and I had a pretty sedate St. Patrick's Day this year. I skipped the gym, we went out to the Longfellow Grill for dinner, went grocery shopping, came home and watched a couple more episodes of Season 2.0 of Battlestar Galactica and the first episode of Dr. Who on Sci Fi.

monstersocks got up early this morning to go to her parents' house to help with some wallpaper removal. I tried working out at the apartment exercise room on the stationary recumbent bike. It worked okay but the interface was a little weird (it seemed to have a weight setting but it maxed out at about 160). It was pretty minimal compared to one of my regular workouts at the gym. I tried playing a game while working out. It actually managed to take my mind off the exercising a little too well- I didn't work as hard as I would have if I'd been focusing on the workout. It was one of the more enjoyable workouts I've had lately. Tonight we got dinner and then went out to see V for Vendetta at the Zoo Imax theater. Very, very good.

While out shopping today I ran across a few New Universe one shot twentieth anniversary comics. I'm not particularly in touch with comic book current events so I was surprised to see them. The Justice issue was pretty interesting. The Star Brand one was not that great, although I was happy to see them mention one character I've remembered for quite a while (the patriotic American guy who got tossed into space).
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