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Maybe it isn't a train 
23rd-Mar-2006 02:14 pm
Halloween 2005- Chef Blacklight
I skipped the gym yesterday and worked out at the apartment exercise room again. The machine I wanted was free, but the TV was set to the Disney Channel so I ended up seeing part of some teen twin witch show (twitches?) and a cartoon with a naked mole rat and ninja monkeys. I don't know if one of the people who got there before me chose the show or if they just hadn't bothered to change it. When I left I discovered that the remote wasn't really working. I found a better program on the bike this time (although I still couldn't tell it I weighed more than 160 pounds) and managed to clear the Avenging Angel mission on the second island in GTA:LCS. (Now the cops don't take my money if I'm arrested. Wheeee.) I'm down 13.5 pounds at this point, close to the 5 pound per month plan.

I picked up Tetris DS this week but haven't played it yet. It might be more useful if I had a second DS for multi-player. (Maybe I'll have to buy a DS Lite later this year.)

I sometimes think it would be nice if I were an early riser but I haven't been able to make the switch. I'm skeptical of the plan but maybe I'll try it sometime.

Good episode of South Park last night (watched while waiting for testing to begin at work). I thought they handled Chef's departure pretty well. Unreliable sources suggest that there may be more to the story of Chef's departure.

Hail Xenu.
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