Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Territorial Bubble

monstersocks and I watched The Frighteners: Director's Cut tonight. Very, very good. I am extremely fond of that film. If a person didn't like that movie then I imagine we wouldn't agree on much. (Actually, monstersocks watched part of the film and then went to bed.) Nothing particularly earth shattering in the added scenes but worthwhile nonetheless.

Ran a few errands today. Went to Burnsville because they had claimed they had an '06 Prius but apparently they sold it a couple of days ago. Found some cheap Army of Darkness toys at the Suncoast. The cashier asked if I'd seen the film. I was tempted to respond, "Saw it in the theater, got several copies on DVD, went to high school with the director's first cousin once removed" spiel but no one really wants that. I rarely buy stuff at Suncoast given how expensive it is but I found quite a few things at reasonable clearance prices.

Had dinner at Don Pablo's on Friday. They're doing the "all you can eat fajitas" thing again, although they seem somewhat confused when you ask for more. They also provide more and more depressing servings. First serving- standard. Second serving- about half a normal serving. Third serving- less than half in a weird little dish. I'm not sure what happens at the fourth serving.

Almost done with the first half of the second season of Battlestar Galactica. Still haven't seen an ETA for DVDs of the second half of the season.
Tags: food, movies

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