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Extended Wrap-Up

It's been a busy month or so.

I went out to Maryland last month for snickle's wedding. monstersocks came along. loco_toro was also in attendance. I took a few pictures at the wedding. There are also many other pictures available. Before the wedding we went out to the national zoo and saw the line for the baby panda.

After returning from Maryland I flew out to Utah for work and was there for about half a week. Tucano's made me miss Mojito. I obviously need to go to Brazil someday.

The next weekend we helped one of monstersocks' family members move. It reminded me a little of one of briangee's moves, but moreso.

I recently failed my saving throw against a new camera. It has a higher resolution sensor than my old small camera (6MP v. 3MP), better zoom (4x v. 2x), larger LCD display (2.5 v. 1.5), USB 2.0 High Speed support, Optical Image Stabilization, Faster Processor, unlimited burst mode, customizable noises and a bunch of other new features (many of which are probably more amusing than useful). So far I'm very pleased with it.

I sometimes wish I was into retro photography instead of digital photography. If you get a nice, old fashioned camera then you can keep it around for a long time without needing to upgrade. They don't come out with exciting new innovations in film or incompatible versions of film very often.

Last weekend monstersocks and I went down to Shako to hang out with Zach and Fred and experience the xbox 360. Some of the games were pretty but I didn't see anything that made me need to run out and by a 360 or an hdtv. The trailer for Dead Rising looked like a lot of fun and I'll need a next gen console by November of '07 for GTA4, but I'm not sure when I'll take the leap.

The new MacBooks are very pretty despite the $150 goth tax. If only they would give you accessories that match instead of white accessories for the black laptop. Hopefully I won't need a new laptop for another year or two, but when I do I think the black MacBook would be a nice replacement. The 13" display has a slightly smaller resolution than my 15" PowerBook but it isn't really significant. I like the fact that they've finally made the hard drive easy to replace.

Looking back Apple looks really clever. They have the iPod which was very successful in its original white color. The white color spreads to their entire product line. They kill the iPod mini introduce the iPod nano in both white and black. They see how popular the black nanos are and let black spread to the full size iPod line. They see it continues to be popular and release the MacBook charging a premium for the black model. Very clever.

The new Treo 700p looks very nice, but I've still got another year on my contract with Spring before it would make any sense to even consider a new phone.

I uploaded some old pictures:
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