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The girl with the strong arm threatens the Quakers... 
25th-Nov-2002 10:07 am
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
Pretty good weekend, but somewhat sad since it was heidiz's last weekend in the Twin Cities. She takes off for the Great White North on Friday.

Actual details of this weekend:

  • Didn't have to go to the gym since I'd gone on Thursday instead.
  • Paid some bills
  • Went over to monstersocks' apartment for a fine dinner from Bangkok Thai and some TV. (48 hours. It was an unsatisfying case where it looked like a guy had killed his wife but they had no evidence other than hearsay yet they got a conviction.)
  • Spent some time with monstersocks and her sister and brother-in-law discussing Thanksgiving plans.
  • Went back to my house for Survivor and part of CSI.

  • Got up really early and went to India Palace for their lunch buffet. Very good.
  • Went to TDG's garage sale. Bought a few comic collections, Star Wars Monopoly and a tablet that appears to be somewhat useless under OS X.
  • Headed to Southdale for a movie and maybe some CPK. Once again there was a problem with the info we got from the Internet (the listings I found said they had The Truth About Cats And Dogs, instead they had The Truth About Charlie.) monstersocks got to pick the movie and she wanted to see White Oleander or Bowling For Columbine, but she ended up deciding she'd rather see The Truth About Charlie. It was a lot better than I was expecting.
  • CPK was really busy so we decided to just go to Jimmy John's and then a liquor store before heidiz's going away party.
  • We got to the party about an hour late and were hassled for showing up so late (we tend to show up much closer to the actual starting time than most other people.) It was fun and many pictures were taken, but it was also sad since heidiz will be gone soon.
  • monstersocks and I bought sxoidmal a little bottle of Jagermeister and a little bottle of Rumplemintz and fortunately he found the humor in it.
  • Didn't get home until pretty late Saturday night.

  • Got up early again so I could be at St. Kate's by 3pm for monstersocks' father's choral concert.
  • Went to the concert then to Baker's Square for dinner.
  • heidiz came over later that night to watch some Invader Zim, get her computer fixed and hang out. 433 had somehow managed to move her Extensions folder onto the Desktop which prevented quite a few things from working. That wasn't too hard to fix.
  • Failed to get any of the pictures from heidiz's party online yet, although I think the SuperGame III pictures still have precedence.

My new camera should arrive today. (kalmn thought I was talking about a computer when I said I was getting a G3 before.) I'm looking forward to playing with it this week.

My friend Meg from Macalester will be in town this weekend for Thanksgiving. It'll be good to see her again.

Thanksgiving meals on Thursday and Saturday plus the Tori Amos concert Saturday night.
25th-Nov-2002 10:26 am (UTC) - Truth About Charlie
I never saw the original, but I bet the girl from MI:II wasn't as good as Audrey Hepburn. You should both definitely go see Bowling for Columbine next time.
25th-Nov-2002 12:20 pm (UTC) - Re: Truth About Charlie
I think that's a pretty safe bet. It's also fairly safe to say, "Marky Mark wasn't as good as ___".
The Truth About Charlie was definitely helped by low expectations. Marky Mark is not a hat person (he wears a jaunty beret in one scene.)
I've added Charade to my Netflix queue, so maybe I'll see it someday when I've actually watched a few of the movies I've had for months.

I hope Bowling for Columbine stays around for a while. I think next weekend is already pretty booked (and I plan to avoid shopping centers that weekend anyway- too many people.)
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