Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Weekend Update

This weekend we went out to Ikea and I picked up a new part for my erector set desk. We also got together with briangee and watterflower and went out to see X-Men 3. It was a lot better than I expected and surprised me a few times. I question some of the decisions they made in making the movie (plot, etc.). I found the credits a little surprising as I noticed character names I recognized that I hadn't noticed in the movie. (I always kind of pictures Callisto as looking like Joan Jett, but I guess she might be a little old for the part now.) I do appreciate the fact that they've managed to find an excuse for Cyclops to be absent for large parts of the last two movies.

Oh, I also updated the Macalester Reunion pictures with a few corrected names. Nothing too significant. I also started working on labeling my pictures from my recent California trip. Those may take a little while.

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