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I picked up a bunch of discount games this weekend: DS Tetris continues to be fun too, especially the 2 player mode with 2 DSs.

Because I like numbers I took a look at how many pictures I've taken at each CONvergence and how many I've posted for each:
  • 2001- 80 pictures taken, 50 pictures posted (62.50% posted)
  • 2002- 195 pictures taken, 75 pictures posted (38.46% posted)
  • 2003- 138 pictures taken, 79 pictures posted (57.25% posted)
  • 2004- 47 pictures taken, 29 pictures posted (61.70% posted)
  • 2005- 220 pictures taken, 152 pictures posted (69.09% posted)
  • 2006- 24 pictures taken, 20 pictures posted (83.33% posted)
So, I took fewer pictures this year than ever before but I did post more of my pictures this year than I ever have.

I am disappointed in America. Twenty one million dollars? Very, very sad.
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