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Weekend Update 
22nd-Jul-2006 10:47 pm
Achewood-Old School
Friday was cooking night. monstersocks and I made black bean pineapple enchiladas. They turned out pretty well.

Saturday we got up early and went out to the new Minneapolis Mill City Farmer's Market and she found some bread and salad stuff. I had some raspberry limeade which appeared to contain raspberry juice, lime juice and water. I thought that sugar would have been an ingredient but I was wrong. Later we went to a work event at the Car Craft auto show at the fair grounds, then came home and watched Primary Colors.

Now we're sitting on the couch next to each other using our laptops while she watches Headbangers Ball (without WCW's Ricky Rachtman).

PS- Here's the recipe for Bacon Snack Bars.

PPS- LJ keeps ignoring the Auto-Format HTML option in Safari and running my posts together. Irritating.
23rd-Jul-2006 09:16 pm (UTC)
Were they black bean pineapple pork enchiladas, or have you turned a new corner?
24th-Jul-2006 12:04 am (UTC)
He lets me pick a recipe sometimes so I don't smother him in his sleep.
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