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Big Bada Boom 
16th-Aug-2006 03:07 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
I was getting ready for work this morning and heard a loud bang come from somewhere in the apartment. I looked around but couldn't find anything that was obviously out of place or destroyed. It wasn't until I was getting dressed that I discovered that the shelf in the closet in our bedroom had collapsed which made the clothes in the closet fairly difficult to access. I went ahead and pulled all of the stuff that had been on the shelf or hanging from the rod out of the closet and left it around the room. Hopefully they'll fix the closet and shelf sometime soon, but I'm guessing it might take a while.

I posted my pictures from this year's LeConte trip. Pictures from Erika's party should be up soon (and then I'll get back to working on some of the other pictures I have that still haven't seen the light of the internet).

Things to want and buy:
17th-Aug-2006 01:29 am (UTC)
i've been wanting that progressive alarm clock for a while.
my coworker has one and i covet it.
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