Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Debt and uncertainty

I was home sick for much of the holiday weekend. I spent most of the weekend lying on the couch, reading old comics. I'm finally getting better though.

I checked with the dealership and my car will probably show up "sometime between the 27th of September and early October". That is either just in the nick of time or way too late. (If I buy it on 10/1 or later it will cost me $1575 more than if I buy it on 9/30 or earlier.) I'd better get the loan and insurance stuff figured out (title stuff can wait until afterwards).

It looks like the TiVo series 3 is coming but it will cost $800 (with an option for current lifetime customers to move their service for $200). Dual tuner HD sounds nice but that's a lot of money (especially since it would make an HDTV a possibility which is an expense of its own, plus the PS3 or 360 that would likely soon follow).

Also, I bought some new headphones for work and they are uncomfortable. (They squeeze my head.) They're those Lobot style headphones that wrap around the back of your head. Maybe I just need to buy a bowling ball and leave them wrapped around that for a few days or something.

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