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Where does he get those wonderful toys? 
14th-Sep-2006 12:52 pm
Roast Beef- Dobler Style
Lots of gadget news these days.

Nintendo announced the price and date for the Wii: $250 on Nov 19. Games won't be too expensive ($50 new, $5 NES, $8 SNES and $10 N64) and it's got some interesting online features. Monkey Ball and Zelda launch titles and a free pack in game. I think I'm much more likely to pick up a Wii this year than a 360 or ps3.

Canon finally decided to revive the G line with their new Powershot G7. Except for the lack of the flip out LCD it's what I gave up on waiting for earlier this year when I picked up the S3 IS. Oh well.

TiVo finally got around to releasing their Series 3 device that supports HDTV. It's a stupid amount of money but it does have some impressive features and would make it possible for me to finally get an HDTV later. It would also remove the whole TiVo/cable box connection so I wouldn't have to worry about missed channel changes. They're also offering lifetime service transfers (for a fee) before the end of the year. Tempting.

The release of iTunes 7 also led me to spend too much time recently playing around with my iTunes library, cleaning up album titles, adding artwork, etc. The new iPods are cool but still nothing to make me replace my iPod photo. At least monstersocks can now play Bejeweled or Tetris on her iPod if she wants. The new nanos are pretty nice and the shuffle is actually the most interesting one to me. I still haven't bought a new remote for my iPod photo but I keep thinking about it for the gym. A new remote would be $50 for the radio remote or $40 for the old wired remote with another pair of headphones. A shuffle is only $80 plus it comes with headphones and it can just clip onto anything.
15th-Sep-2006 12:14 am (UTC)
I will be way too broke to afford any new systems this year, but the Wii will likely be the first one. Followed by an Xbox360, either when RE5 or Eternal Darkness 2 comes out.

I like the price, though. Given how much the other two cost/will cost, that's not bad. I bet it'll still be hell to track down a Wii until well after Xmas, though.
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