Aaron (coprock) wrote,

It's a symphony of meat and cheese

Good news- Scheduling has worked out better than expected and I was able to buy my new car in time to get the full tax credit. Getting the financing figured out was a huge pain though. It appears that Wells Fargo online and Wells Fargo banks are very different and offer completely different interest rates on car loans. Fortunately I finally got around to investigating the Credit Union near my apartment and they offered a much better deal. Apparently not everyone likes the Prius.

This past weekend monstersocks and I went out to Como Zoo and played Mini-Golf nearby. In the many years I've lived near Como I'd never stopped at the Mini-Golf place before. She did better than I did on some holes (including the tricky water jump) and I did better than she did on others.

Sigma has a new camera with the new Foveon sensor. I wish other manufacturers would start offering cameras with the Foveon sensor.

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