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Moving Forward

Been pretty busy lately with work, etc. Maybe I should just have that message automatically posted every five days if I haven't written anything new.

I watched two episodes of The Venture Brothers this week the same night as the new WoW South Park. Good TV all around. If I were significantly craftier I'd be tempted to do a blackguard or Dr. Killinger for Halloween.

ER this weekend. I worked on one recipe for a while this week but couldn't really get it to work so I'm going with plan b and, surprisingly, doughnuts.

I've been enjoying playing with the new car. It's a little weird getting used to the CVT (although it's about the same as an automatic, I'd have trouble adjusting to an automatic too). It'll also take me a while to get used to the controls since so much is wrapped up in the touchscreen display. Haven't driven off the road yet while playing with it.
Speaking of the car:

My New Car
My New Car

My new 2007 Toyota Prius, replacing my old 1997 Saturn SL2.

Tags: prius, tv

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