Aaron (coprock) wrote,


Busy time of year.

Had a good time at Epulum Rimki this year. The Bacon Candy recipes didn't work out but the Savory Cheddar Bacon Truffles were enjoyed by all who dared try them. monstersocks made some tasty slow cooker sweet potatoes and I also, as always, brought doughnuts. fortunine posted a nice set of Epulum Rimki pictures pretty quickly (although he misspelled my name), I've labeled maybe a third of mine but haven't put them online yet.

I'm really enjoying the new car. I'm getting more comfortable with it (although it's still tough to adjust to not needing to do anything with my left foot).

Not much action on the vacation planning front which is a bad thing. Gotta do more research and maybe make some additional reservations.

Had a very nice birthday this week. 100001. There were some interesting themes at play.

Tonight- ValleyScare.

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