Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Know when to walk away, know when to run...

Yesterday definitely had its ups and downs.

I got up early and went out to to gym to work off some of my first Thanksgiving meal. Unfortunately I hadn't planned on the TVs being overrun by football games. (Poor planning on my part.) I did a shorter but more intense workout to compensate.
I left the gym and realized I could probably drop by heidiz's office and say goodbye before she left. It was good to see her one last time, but sad to see her go.
Next I dropped by Dreamhaven and picked up a couple months worth of comics from 433 along with a bobble-head evil Ash. I also did some initial christmas shopping, mostly getting just ideas.
Then, continuing my complete disregard for Buy Nothing Day (and my dislike of overly crowded stores) I stopped at Target to pick up a couple more PS2 games and some other stuff. I'm a sucker for games under $20.
I made it home a little before 3pm to meet my friend Meg from Macalester. She's in town briefly for Thanksgiving. We hung out for most of the rest of the day and had dinner at Bascali's.
Later today I get my second Thanksgiving meal at the home of monstersocks' parents, then on to the Tori Amos concert.

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