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There aren't many prime year reunions 
4th-Jun-2007 01:25 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
We had a pretty good weekend. It was monstersocks' 10 year reunion and kalmn's 15 year cluster reunion so we spent a little time over at dear old Macalester. We probably would have spent a little more time over there if the weather had been a bit better (rain and hail don't make standing under a tent on a lawn much more appealing). We spent a while chatting with my old roommate Juan, his wife Sara and their daughter Lucia. We also ran into Deanna, Mr. snickle, and a few other folks. We called briangee and wattersworth watterflower over and spent some time chatting with them.

Even without the reunion it's been a very Macalester week. monstersocks and I ran into Tigger (Lunney, not erikelmshauser) at Whole Foods recently, then I ran into my old roommate Brooke with her son Xander at The Good Earth on Sunday. (In retrospect those aren't particularly surprising places to see Mac grads.)

The house search will resume next weekend.
6th-Jun-2007 12:41 am (UTC)
Yeah, that original plan for the clusters was good, it's too bad they switched it up. It's ok, I'll probably forget all about my own 10 year until the week after it happens, just like I did with the 5, heh.
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