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No Joy 
5th-Jul-2007 04:14 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
We didn't get the house.

We made our offer, the seller's made a counter-offer, we made a counter offer, another offer showed up, the seller decided they liked that one better and rejected our offer at that point.

It seems likely that the other offer was for more than we were willing to pay for the house. Unfortunately that doesn't help much.
6th-Jul-2007 12:59 pm (UTC)
Sorry to hear it.
9th-Jul-2007 09:34 pm (UTC)

Having the second deal fall through was a lot tougher (for me) than the first. It wasn't the perfect house but I liked it more than any other we've considered.

I regret that it didn't work out but I feel like we made reasonable decisions given what we knew. The first house we almost bought taught me to be more skeptical of sellers. The second house we almost bought taught me to jump at an acceptable agreement if I know there are other interested parties even if I think I might be able to get something a little better with some more negotiating.

Later this month we'll start looking again and probably reconsider some of the ones we've already seen if they're still on the market.
10th-Jul-2007 07:51 pm (UTC)
It can be a bit of a roller coaster. You start to imagine yourself in a home, and then it doesn't work out. Add that to the average person's (myself included) cluelessness about a house's "worth" and lack of bargaining skills, and it's amazing that houses get bought at all.

I hope something else comes along soon. It doesn't sound like you are in a hurry, which is the best way to be.
18th-Jul-2007 01:49 am (UTC)
Hey, what area are you two looking in? My parents current house in Saint Paul will probably be coming on the market in a couple weeks - it's on Berkeley Avenue, near the intersection of Snelling and St. Clair. It's 3 br, 1 ba, older house with nice woodwork and in excellent move-in condition. I have no idea what they're going to be listing it at, but if it's something you're interested in I'll try to give you a heads-up before it officially hits the market.
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