Aaron (coprock) wrote,


Survived another CONvergence. It was nice to take a break and detach from everything else that's been going on the past two weeks.

I didn't take very many pictures this year, but other people did so I don't have to lament my failure to take pictures of barcode head baby, The Monarch (plus Doctor Girlfriend) and dalek in a hoop skirt (although you'd need video to really appreciate that one). There's even proof that monstersocks and I were there and managed to accidentally coordinate our outfits.

I somehow managed to completely miss Connie's Space Lounge and House of Toast this year. I also failed completely at Dystopia's video bingo so no shirt for me and no tiny vodka for monstersocks. Omegacon had some very nice Successories style posters up.

We caught one movie in Cinema Rex (the Chthulhu one) but missed Pathogen as we tended to be having lunch while they were showing it.
Tags: convergence

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