Aaron (coprock) wrote,

How's Annie?

Busy week. Lots to do and time is quickly running out.
Working hard on various christmas and birthday presents. I have good ideas for some people and no ideas for others.
I finally went ahead and ordered a new cell phone after two years with Sprint. Now I'll be with T-Mobile again (although they were Aerial/Voicestream when I was with them before.) I don't really need a new cell phone, but this one is much cooler than the old one (Bluetooth, picture address book, etc.) and I'll be saving $5 a month. I may be able to get it working as a modem for my iBook so I can get online while traveling.
Fine farewell meal for thedrunkengent last night at Moscow On The Hill. vaxjo bought my old camera from me. Sad to see it go, but that's one less thing to clutter up my apartment.
Bravo finally got to the end of Twin Peaks last week and now it's wrapped back to the beginning.
We had a website update this weekend at work. So far it appears to have gone very smoothly.
My parents haven't had power since Wednesday night but their phone line is finally working again.

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