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First Night 
16th-Sep-2007 10:56 am
We had our big moving day yesterday. Many thanks to nicholay, thedrunkengent, lthomas987,kalmn and the rest of the Lundsten clan for all of their help. I kept underestimating how much we had to move, but all in all it worked out pretty well. We still have a Queen size box spring in our living room though as it wouldn't fit up the stairs.

We're now mostly out of the old apartment although a few things continue to linger. I think most of the stuff we left is stuff I didn't finish packing or processing (I'm trying to curtail some of my hoarding).

Today started with a quest for a towel and shower supplies, followed by the assembly of the shower curtain liner. Later I spent a little time reworking some of the things to make the spaces a little more livable for now.

Now I'm waiting for the cable guy to show up and swap out our cable boxes. The installer gave us HD boxes because it was all he had but they want to charge us an extra fee for having the HD boxes which we aren't really interested in.
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