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Making big piles of progress in the move. Almost everything is out of the old apartment except for some cleaning supplies, unused boxes and beverages. They've already started work on some remodeling (new floors, new oven) so we don't have to clean some of it. It was a little difficult when they left the washer and drier blocking the hallway though.

I'm growing more convinced that the flooding we had last Thursday was a result of a minor sump pump issue that should be fixable. (We got maybe a quarter to a half an inch of water on part of the floor in the finished part of our basement. Very disappointing, especially as we had cardboard boxes along with plastic bins down there. kalmn was very helpful in providing a wet/dry vac for water removal and in providing direction to two freaked out new homeowners. We now own our own wet/dry vac and dehumidifier (purchased at Home Depot about five minutes after they closed).) I think the sump pump just isn't engaging soon enough so water was able to back up in the drain tile and managed to overflow through the walls.

Oh, we also had fuse excitement. We have a fuse box in the house and were left several boxes of fuses. Unfortunately the fuses aren't necessarily in the correct boxes so when we blew a fuse we didn't have the right kind of replacement. Some additional documentation should help to avoid that problem in the future.

In non-house related news we had a great time at nicholay and thetrustmeguy's house warming party.
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