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All I Want For Christmas...

is a Hitman movie starring Bruce Campbell and Chi McBride. Is that too much to ask?

On the home front, a corner lot for a house with three doors (and therefore three walkways) and a driveway is a bit more than I'd really like to shovel. This winter is providing plenty of opportunity to practice, but I think we're going to need some sort of alternate plan (mechanical assistance maybe) soon. So far we've also needed to dig our our driveway twice with some of the snowfalls, once to deal with the snow from the initial middle of the road plowing and once to deal with the eventual Snow Emergency to the curb plowing. Fortunately we haven't yet had any problems with living at the corner of Snow Emergency Route and Snow Emergency Route, but that's a side effect of how infrequently we have anyone over.

We're still waiting for the second part of the tree removal, when someone will show up to grind the stump (which is now under about six inches of snow).

On a brighter note, after additional tweaking our sump pump has stopped running (and the sump isn't overflowing). My current hypothesis is that our constant puddle on the sidewalk from the sump pump was actually the result of the changes I made in my zeal to "improve" the sump pump's operation. By setting the float too low we were drawing out more water than we would have with the float set higher. We'll see how things work once the ground is thawed in half a year or so.

I've been on something of a comic reading kick after we had the tree removed (and were without power for part of the day). I plowed through the current Punisher series (plus a few related one-shots and collections) so that I'm now waiting for the next issue and now I'm making my way through Hitman again, partially inspired by the recent Hitman/JLA series.

I've also been playing more games of late. I think I've gotten about as far as I'm going to in Crackdown. It's still a very fun game but I'm not interested in the car acquisition or races. The Simpsons Game is good too. I think they chose a poor level for the demo, that's been the least fun level so far. Downloadable games are an interesting idea, although I haven't been too impressed with any of the ones I've gotten so far. Tekken 5 isn't too bad but it's just another Tekken and seems to lack any real endings after you beat the arcade mode. After my iPod played Misirlou the other day I decided to play a little of the original Raving Rabbids game. Still good, but it doesn't quite look right on the HDTV.

I'm getting absolutely nowhere on my christmas shopping, although last night I spent some amount of time dreaming about buying radioactive bees for people for christmas.
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