Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Galactic Portals

We've been having a pretty calm time at home lately, recharging after hosting Christmas festivities and traveling down to NC to be with my family for a few days.

Today I played some Super Mario Galaxy, then later picked up The Orange Box ($40 for 3 games, not too bad) and played some Portal (three months later than everyone else). I also spent some time labeling pictures in iPhoto as I took a bunch of pictures last year but haven't really posted all that many.

We also got some mail about a meeting next week to discuss the RiverLake Greenway Project Phase III (new bike lane stuff that will go right by our house). I was a bit disappointed about how little useful information I could find online, but it looks like they'll mostly be eliminating parking on one of our streets to make room for the bike lanes. I'm not sure how that will work with the mailbox located on that street which sees a lot of activity and therefore lots of short term parking.

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