Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Apple News

  1. MacBook Air- Ridiculously small new laptop. It cuts some corners (ports, optical drive) but claims good battery life and is really really small. Quite tempting. I think the new dark keyboard looks quite good. Ouch, I just saw the battery isn't user replaceable. That's not good.
  2. Time Capsule- Interesting idea. An Airport base station with built in hard drive for Time Machine backups. Not sure what they actually mean by "server grade hard drive". $500 for 1TB is a bit too expensive for my tastes, but it may be worth it for some.
  3. iPod touch gets iPhone apps- Nice, should have been there from the start, somewhat insulting that they're asking $20 for it rather than just making it a free update. This may be another result of their recent accounting changes.
  4. Apple TV updates, movie rentals, etc- Eh.
Tags: apple

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