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Merry F***ing Christmas 
12th-Dec-2002 12:48 pm
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer
Kind of like musicals, I love some Christmas music but normally only the stuff no one else can stand. I've got my iPod playing a random selection of Christmas music right now, but I only have about 33 tracks on that playlist so it won't last long.

My apartment is a pit right now thanks to christmas, etc. I got some of my stuff wrapped last night, so hopefully my bags won't get thoroughly searched or anything.

I got my new phone last night. It worked pretty well with my iBook but my Cube seemed a bit grumpier. iSync is definitely a beta but when it works it's really cool. I'll play around with the modem stuff this weekend (when the time isn't limited.) It was actually already setup and activated when I got it from Amazon. I think when I got my last phone from them I still had to do all the setup stuff after receiving it. Now I just need to give people my new number and cancel the old service.
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