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Still Alive 
21st-Mar-2008 05:19 pm
Halloween 2006- Tigh
Work has been running me ragged lately. Some large projects colliding and leaving little time for anything else.

I've found a little time here and there for games. Bought, played and finished the PSP God of War game. Very good but quite short. It works well at the gym, especially when you have to flail on a single button. I end up pedaling much faster while doing that. I may try the new PSP Wipeout game at the gym next week. I'm finally playing God of War 2. Much less frequent save points than the PSP game even though they're more necessary (the PSP can be put to sleep so you can resume later while I don't really feel like leaving my PS2 running for days intentionally).

I got out of work late enough Wednesday that I decided to skip the gym and just go for a walk (it was a balmy 40 something that evening). I walked from our house down towards the Ford plant bridge, turned around when it looked like there wasn't much more to see (except for a guy fishing) then doubled back and headed into Minnehaha Park and found the falls. Kind of nice, although many of the trails over there don't get maintained in the winter.

I've been hungry for some new music recently (my iPods have decided to play a lot of Primus. I like Primus but there can be too much of anything) so I spent a little time lately downloading stuff from the opening bands for mc chris and that Portal song guy.

We finally got a new garage door. It's quite nice and solid and non-rotting and quiet.
21st-Mar-2008 11:28 pm (UTC)
'sup. <nods head>

I had lunch with Peter A. today (my room-mate from Kirk).

Good to iSee you.
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