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Catching Up Again 
14th-Apr-2008 12:40 am
CONvergence 2005 Preacher- Diffuse Glow
We finally got our taxes done with a little over a week to spare. I don't remember the last time I waited this long to do them, but I kept putting it off because of figuring out the whole splitting the mortgage deduction issue. It turned out to be pretty simple.

I also finished paying off my car last week. It's nice to be done with car payments again.

Work has continued to be rather stressful. While it should improve somewhat soon, I think I said that a week or two ago.

I finished God of War 2 and Super Mario Galaxy recently. God of War 2 was very good, but it definitely felt like an incomplete middle bit of a trilogy. A big final boss battle but then the story continues leading to a bigger battle that doesn't actually happen. When I say I "finished" Super Mario Galaxy I actually just mean that I defeated the "Fate of the Universe" level and defeated Bowser, as I understand it there's still quite a bit more game to be had. I think I have around 93 stars. I actually had to check gamefaqs at the beginning of the final battle as I couldn't figure out how to start.

monstersocks has a cold so we spent most of the weekend at home and sadly missed billmurray8's party. We did watch Dragonlance but I think the party would have been more fun. (My favorite part of the movie was imagining the people doing the voice work finishing a session and being very ashamed of what they had just done.)
14th-Apr-2008 12:20 pm (UTC)
Not ashamed enough.
15th-Apr-2008 01:23 pm (UTC) - This is how I imagined it
Actor: Let me read it through once, just to get a feel for it.

*does a casual read-through*

Studio: Okay, that's great. The check's in the mail.

Actor: What? That was just practice. That sucked.

Studio: Hey, we had to shell out a lot to get your names attached to this project, and now we're paying by the hour for recording space and engineers. That was good enough.

Actor: $#*@!!!
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